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MY LIFE IS In FULL – Book Review

#Mylifeinfull (Work, family, and our future), as rightly stated by many a must-read book for working women, I just expand this list by including every woman (mother, daughter n sisters, friends), every man (Grandfather, father, husband n brother, friends). These relations played a huge role in the success of Indra Nooyi.

So apt while articulating the journey right from Schooling to IIM then to Ivy league, an impeccable determination exhibited throughout the reading. She explained the relevance of striking a balance through one-liner: always having one leg on the accelerator and one to break.

Academics can build a stair towards excellence, but ecosystems in the shape of families, friends, and colleagues create exemplary success like the one Mrs. Nooyi had – the longest served CEO of PepsiCo Global. Career golden period and as female personal growth trajectory (marriage, motherhood, and parenting) are having the similar Time zone, besides having a strong will to perform the dual responsibilities with equal aplomb, family supports do play a decisive role in taking up Career and family’ responsibilities to the next level…is the one key take away of this book.

Emotional ambiguity should never be allowed to creep in, a feeling of guilt for not performing as per responsibilities templates towards running since ages should never be allowed to settle in.

A career is a full-time involvement and family too are an intensely evolved proposition. Without having a feeling of a let-down.. It is pertinent to have clarity around priorities.

Regrets, sadness, and disappointment will always be there, let it be momentarily. professional growth and achievements may help in overcoming the same ….family enjoy success too in terms of comforts, amenities, status. This is all about the choices which one makes.

An inspiring Story of a girl, a woman, a professional to the core, a mother, a wife and a daughter, a daughter in law and a sister, may have regrets for not doing her best in every role but it was her conscious decision to be the best as a professional, which she was, beyond any doubt. She kept hold of her dream so firmly, which made her fly through it successfully even if the Wind was rough sometimes.. Another success mantra — keep hold of your Dream!

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