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Develop managerial/leadership competence
to define the context in terms of critical business
challenges professionals are likely to face.


Assess professional readiness and fitment through multi-dimensional assessment approach—high touch or low touch/Straight fit or good fit


Accelerate performance across levels through tailored development intervention to deliver business impact
faster for a professional as well as for an organization.



Career and Personal Growth Counselling

We help professionals in identifying the right opportunity area, building necessary skills for career growth, and developing a roadmap for sustainable growth over their careers. Be it a fresher starting her career, or an experienced leader challenged by rapid transformation, we build customized growth models for professional success that stand the test of time.

Executive Assessment & Development

We help organizations in assessing the right set of skills and the right talent they need for their business growth. We identify the right talent and the right skillsets needed by the organizations, and then look to develop their functional expertise and leadership potential. Our process begins with a clinical assessment, objective profiling, and concludes with effective training and development.

Executive Search

We help organizations identify the right talent that could take them forward in their journey and lead their vision. We help in building up the right team and talent, that not only takes care of the organization’s business interests, but also, help build a vision for the transformative present and future.

Advisory and Consulting - People & Business Processes

We use various scientific tools and frameworks to determine the right talent mix and the process architecture, that our clients require, to build up their growth narrative over long term. Our methods help organizations in identifying process gaps and planning for optimization, to ensure a robust and sustainable business output at all times.

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. This has been the belief and inspiration behind the creation of a people consultancy “MANOJ SINHA AT HR EDGE”.



A Human Resources practitioner with three decades of enriching experiences across two major sectors, Steel & Telecom, Manoj has served as Vice President HR for Idea Cellular Limited & Vodafone Idea limited, and as Head of HR for Bharti Airtel for a year. He Started his professional innings with Tata Steel and worked there for 16 years. He had an opportunity to work across multiple locations, various plants and profit centres. He was part of Task force constituted for carrying out the mega organizational transformational interventions, and worked along with McKinsey & Eicher Consulting to build the Transformation journey for the organization.

As an alumnus of Tata Steel & ABG (Idea Cellular), Manoj has had hands-on experience in adopting globally acknowledged best practices in Performance Management, Talent Development, Leadership and Culture Building, and imparting the learnings across Businesses. Manoj has been instrumental in developing and deploying the talent management process across the business he worked for. Manoj K Sinha has been an evangelist of Human Resource Management, having spoken at various prestigious campuses and forums, and driving numerous Employee Wellness Programs across industries. 

Manoj Sinha at HR Edge is a company formed by Manoj Sinha in the endeavor to build human consultancy firm with an objective to help, educate and improvise individual, professional or company performances.

In today’s times technologies, priorities, challenges, and competitions are constantly evolving, and the peak performance that one delivered yesterday might be obsolete today. The technology all of us worked on a decade back no longer exist. Everyday new talent suited to current business tasks and systems are being explored and looked at, while professionals with learnings from the past face the challenge of upgrading their knowhow to survive.

Let’s Unlearn, Relearn, and Redefine. 

Past experience, learnings, and training can now come down to zilch. Null. zero. And not because of an individual’s fault, but because the world is transforming rapidly.

In these times, how does one constantly remain a valued professional, work cohesively and keep contributing to the success for self as well as for business entities? How does a professional identify improvement areas, evaluate objectives for near future, plan for the road ahead and make oneself future ready? Success lies in Evolving! Let’s measure & develop.


I know Manoj for last 2.5 years now and found him one of the most passionate HR professional I came across. His sensitivity to business issues is as much to the extent as much he is passionate about handling core HR issues. His ability to bond with people, listen to them and provide them pointed (some times sharp but relevant) feedback is highly appreciated and helped a lot of team members to improvise their performance. Manoj makes it a point to actively participates in all business discussions and always keep looking for opportunities to engage HR in business initiatives across functions. I am sure, Manoj is going to go miles in his career and earn more accolades from his peers and seniors in time to come.

Hitesh Sood Head of Consumer & B2B Marketing,
Digital Transformation, Strategy & Growth

Manoj is an excellent HR and IR person. His ability to understand people, organisation,his job and circumstances/situation is commendable. He is analytical,rational and people person, however at times I have seen him taking tough unpopular decisions when needed. As a colleague, boss and subordinate he is an asset. Any one will like to work with him and I still cherish my working with him as manager,senior and group member .I have been seeing him from his early days at Tata Steel and then subsequently growing and becoming a great manager with his intelligence and leadership skills in last nearly 20 years. I wish him all the success in where ever and what ever good he doe

Tulsi Das Banerjee Founding Partner
at TD Consultants LLP November 30, 2014,
Tulsi Das managed MANOJ K directly

Manoj is a result oriented HR professional.He has indepth knowledge on HRM.He has demonstarted Mature HR Skill set to over come many difficult assignment at Tata Steel.He is at ease to handle abiguity a rare quality is professionals. He possess a pleasent personality and is a caring Husband and loving father.

Nadeem Kazim Chief Executive Officer :
Splice HR works March 7, 2011,
Nadeem was senior to
MANOJ K but didn’t manage directly

Manoj was my senior at Tata Steel. He is very mature and has excellent interpersonal skills which gives him an edge as an HR professional. I enjoyed working with him on different projects and i learnt a lot from him.

Ashmi Sinha Senior HR Business Partner (Associate Director)

He is one of the most dignified HR professionals i have seen during my career stint , i was lucky to have worked with him for my summer internship at Idea , posted at Bihar , he gave me ample space and freedom to express my ideas and even helped me further to implement them , a thorough professional in his day to day dealings, i learnt to be calm under pressure from the way Manoj Sir used to carry out his dealings with people and extreme pressures at work during the pre-launch phase at Idea , Bihar. He used to analyze my work patiently and used to guide my energies in the right direction , this helped nourish my thinking in a proper manner. A gem of a human , he is a role model for me. Wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Saurabh Bhasin Global HR Head- CP HQ & DECCO

Manoj Sir is one of those rare individuals who puts the human aspect into HR: he is thoughtful, responsive, with a firm understanding of the real (people) underpinnings of corporate performance. He gives enough space to operate on your own as well as add value whenever required. I have found him very open, approachable & connected with the team. He is also one of those individuals who have been endowed with great intellect coupled with ability to implement and operationalise the strategies. Innovative thinking and aggressive implementer, makes him stand apart from the crowd. All the Best Sir

Sudipto Ghosh Associate Director- HR at Flipkart

Manoj is pragmatic HR person.He brings in lot of personal touch and has got fantastic analytical skill.Understand and address both employee aspiration and organisational need.His focus on Branding HR as a successful business partner make him a very devoted HR professional.Wish him all the best.

Ravi Shekhar Head HR- Jubilant Generics Ltd &
Branded Generics Business