Career and Personal Growth Counselling

From an intern to the CEO, everyone strives for greatness, but it’s only when individuals and teams begin to maximize their potential that one raises the bar, to achieve peak performance!

We Facilitate in Identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. We extend the support, help, and guidance to professionals in figuring things out to reach ultimate career goals/peak performance. Our career & Personal Growth consulting program is based on Diagnostic intervention & Experiential learning. We Define, Measure and Develop people interventions based on the challenges, expectations, and business transformation.

Our consulting programs are designed to help in gaining self-awareness and clarity in goals, achieving development objectives, and unlocking potential, acting as a sounding board while maximizing one’s behavioral competence.  There are also a number of psychometric assessments which we conduct to identify professional’s strength as well as area of improvement across various competences. This helps in chalking out the strategy and plan of action related to career /professional growth for the future.

Executive Assessment & Development

We recognize that Managerial (Leadership) development is a long-term journey and that even the best can improve. With emergence of new technologies, global benchmarks, and focus on localization, organizations today have high expectations from their employees or future employees. Organizations are looking for efficiency and effectiveness in a highly competitive market, and for human capital that can keep up with the transformation cycles in their industry. This has created a need for continuous assessment of professionals, using many diagnostic tools, to transform a professional into sharp, agile, competent and focused towards business objectives.

Manoj K Sinha had his first exposure to EAD at the turn of the millennium. While working for Steel behemoth in India, he had an opportunity to work with Mckinsey and Eicher Consultancy services as part of Task force. This stint helped him gain the right experience & evolve in formulating a bespoke approach, one that recognizes that Managers and leaders need to be evaluated against the new and specific challenges of today’s volatile world.

In the past 2 decades, Manoj has perfected his approach towards Executive Assessment and Development, through various improvisations, applications and Measurement of Results. Whether one is working through a succession process, completing a merger, or pivoting into a new industry, we can work with individuals or the top management team to discover what executives have — and what support they may need to unlock their best selves. We also provide market insights, benchmarking, and technical advisory to enable senior leaders to make the best people decisions. 

In these challenging times, Individuals must elevate the most important asset they have: their potential to learn. They can emerge stronger, more agile, more innovative, and better able to respond to an ever-changing environment. Our goal is to draw the greatness out of every manager or leader. 

Advisory and Consulting - People & Business Processes

People/Business process Management is a natural and holistic management approach to operating business. It creates a highly efficient, agile, innovative, and adaptive culture within organizations that enable them to exceed their output, against a traditional management approach.

Having worked with organizations like Tata Steel, known for best of people/business processes across, Telecom Giant Airtel, pioneer in Telcom business process development, and Idea Cellular, the 3rd largest operator in India at the time of merger widely acclaimed for its operational efficacy and people practices, Manoj has been transferring his learnings to set up agile process planning and development models, and building a culture of continuous improvement across businesses. His innovative process modelling and strategies are tailormade to deliver organizational fluidity and performance, especially for startup, SME /medium size business entities.