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Veer Savarkar – Vikram Sampath

It took three weeks approx for me to read this book. A thought-provoking read about Indian pre /post-independence influencers, going beyond #MahatmaGandhi but of knowing #VeerSavarkar. We started hearing about him in the last few years.

#Vikramsampath is definitely an author with expertise in looking at the facts from a perspective of placing them before in their true shape and letting the same be evaluated by the people on merit. He has exceeded the expectations in being fair and impartial while delayering a person’ behavioral construct which had an intellect backed with qualifications, writing prowess, an orator with huge follower #Veersavarkar … a contemporary to #MahatmaGandhi but not at all in sync with his theory of non-cooperation or non-violence.

I like the sincerity which author has displayed while unraveling the behavior evolution of #VeerSavarkar. A freedom fighter but having a different approach towards achieving the objective, a revolutionary one. He equally authored a good number of books and his writing on Hinduism talks about Hindutva as a concept.

We must know about many such personalities and their contributions in nation-building even if they might not be in sync with the mainstream n Congress-led freedom movement. Always Good to have divergent views, it enables us to evaluate and recalibrate the way history has been scripted around. A dispassionate approach is always appreciated while dealing with a scratchy emotive issue related to a personality like #VeerSavarkar
Left, Right and Centrist will have diverse views but no one can deny his huge contribution in ameliorating the overall spirit of freedom across his followers.

Thanks #VikramSampath for such an elaborate n comprehensive writing on an enigmatic personality, (it is part 1 only).
Good to have heard him and Shahi Tharoor’s debate over #AajTakAgenda, he was so true to his words, let people know the facts, and decide on the merit and demerit of a person, not to be orchestrated by vested think tanks.

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