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 The process does not give you revenue

The process does not give you revenue

The process does not give revenue!  Irritated response of founder /CEO of a company…While engaging with the Team, the CEO was reviewing the pending issues related to various customers, since compliance was abysmal low, such a situation has always been conducive for producing a proverbial statement.

Since last October, I had been seeing few CEOs of SME…except one or two who had been with corporates, none was having any understanding n appreciation of Business & people processes, By creating a business of a size of 40 to 200 Cr without following processes in one way made them believe that they are the process! 

Opportunity loss as a concept, they have never thought of, instead of 40 Cr/50 Cr the same figure could have been 100 or 150 Cr if processes around Finance, operation, and people would be there, is beyond their imagination.

Here, I have sensed a huge opportunity for professional experts from functions like Finance, Marketing, HR ( Big time), Operation, Procurement..so much procurement is being done by these SMEs as most of these businesses run on an aggregator model, lack financial prudence, adherence to basic of financial metrics which any business should follow on daily, weekly n monthly basis..unless one knows the fundamental, appreciation may not come through. …

Such CEOs are having an aspiration to be like Wipro, Infy & Tata, idealize their leaders, may not be in action but words .. so the role of subject matter experts is to convert those aspirations into action and is possible, by showing them differences which professional know-how can bring in while driving the business through processes.

It does not limit but liberates! We must make them understand. Who does not like to grow!!??