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 Leadership – Purpose Driven Life

Leadership – Purpose Driven Life

Turning point – 9/11 war on Terror – thought-provoking series over Netflix on the world’s worst terror attack n what might be the reason for such a deep hatred for the US n its allies, which had made them undertake such meticulous planning for three years before it culminated into 9/11.

A must-watch series… It speaks a lot about self-centered politics, n it’s a strong connection with ego n economics. More n more we read history, it makes amply clear, destruction n creation are all in politics, and so thinking style of an individual who heads n creates an impression n perception that whatever is being done has one n only objective, that is to serve the nation’s best interest, can easily be termed as Oxymoron.

Human behavior has always been deceptive. Deceptive does not always reflect Negative connotations. We exhibit something, we mean something else, we convey something completely different. And successful (so-called) are believed to be those who play all three forms of messaging with alacrity.

We would wish to be honest, but we are not! And here is the irony…!!?? So how to navigate this tight rope, Walk the Talk ..by taking a position or being flexible with our choices…? Where is a leader’s inner self? Defining purpose may play a crucial role…the way we march our way forward… search for meaning for many of us is on n has always been a kind of work in progress… So who is responsible? Leaders or those who create a leader ( by electing, nurturing, selecting), after all, leadership is not a day phenomenon…it travels through time & space.

I think there is word collateral …we all should always be prepared for…it can happen with anyone…politics of behavioral algorithms will always be unpredictable as the same is driven by individual preferences n choices.

Work mask may differ from self-image n while under pressure….dominance is to be kept in check for better performance; this is what a psychologist says!

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