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 Harsh Realities – The Making of Marico- Book Review

Harsh Realities – The Making of Marico- Book Review

Harsh’ Realities by Harsh Mariwala – Chairman – Marico n Ram Charan – Management thinker, is a book with a difference. It is a leadership book, and a business one too but more so ..a story of a man who had a dream to create a true Indian MNC and he did it in a style, story of grit , determination n conviction, self belief of a person.

Right from the very first touch of the book, it manifests a sense of all round transparency through its delicate polymer cover, it is in true sense, a work of Art. Abundance of aesthetics all around, well coupled with crafty construct as well as compact content stands this book out. It exemplifies the character, Values and business ethics of Harsh n Marico too.

Interesting, Rejuvenating, Exciting to go through the journey of Marico right from the day it carved out its new identity as Marico in 1990. Heartening to see that business has been talking so high of human resources, speaks of various people interventions n its immense contribution made to the business as a whole. Hiring of CHRO Jeswant Nair was the very first professional decision being made by MD – Marico (Harsh Mariwala) once idea of Marico came into reality.

He was concious n confident of specialist intervention which org was looking for while hiring CXOs positions n other critical roles for then newly formed organization. As a HR professional referring this book as great testimonial for the function HR will not be an exaggeration. It is all about Marico’ business growth story but through the lens of Human Resources.

Ram Charan has co authored this book along with Harsh Mariwala.He added his own experiences on evolution of Marico and added his insights on the leadership style of Harsh Mariwala.

Transition of an enterprise from joint family owned to promoter owned then to professionally managed board driven company, for many budding n seasoned founder/ MD/CEO, this book will be a lesson on Let Go n for embracing processes all around.

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