"Investment in self-development is the best investment:
Benjamin Franklin "

So much certainty around uncertainty; let us not fall into the pool of paranoia, but it is time to go for well preparedness proactively with confidence and conviction. It is time to strengthen the wings. It has been COVID and the mayhem and magnitude of turmoil it has caused across the country in the last two years. This had a significant impact on businesses and individuals. Business strategists began discussing resilience, empathy, and various other competencies critical to the personality quotient, which are seen as key enablers for professional growth.


The same can only happen if we make a conscious effort to develop the areas that are not as strong, and here comes behavioural assessment and its deployment, which bring out the areas for improvement (competencies). Then work begins under the umbrella of the Competency Strengthening Program. Protein supplements are used to improve physical agility and strength, but what about behavioural agility? One needs to constantly supplement the mind too. Mindful understanding helps in strengthening the areas of improvement, which are all about CDP /IDI.


This intervention will assist in framing the developmental plan with the objective of strengthening the competencies through a 3-month tailor made program, astutely curated based on each individual’s aspirational journey.